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This document gives the reader some ideas about how to create a support organization when minimal resources are available and there are many clients. The model used will be for an ISP with a small staff that must give technical support to clients who wish to "connect to the Internet" and to clients who are having problems once they are able to connect to the Internet.

There are some underlying assumptions in this outline.  Some of these include:

For your local situation please apply the ideas and suggestions presented as appropriate. If you are the only resource around for technology, then you may have to be more self-reliant.

Let's begin by outlining some steps that have been useful when setting up a workable help desk:

At this point you may have a functioning Help Desk in place. Now that you are in a position to help your clients, get them connected, etc. you will encounter a number of support situations that require some planning on your part. Here are some issues you are likely to encounter and some methods for dealing with them. A few more areas of thought are presented below. These may not affectly direct what has been previously presented, but in some cases may change how you view the information presented here.
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