Pacific Islands Research & Education Networking Workshop

Date:Friday, January 18, 2013
Time: 08:30 AM to 17:00 PM
Location:East West Center, Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, 1177 East West Road, Honolulu
Room: Asia (top floor)


The Pacific is now the only region of the world with no initiative in Research & Education (R&E) networking, lagging Africa, the Caribbean, and South and Southeast Asia. New infrastructure in the Pacific and new planning initiatives from the U.S. and Europe may provide the first real opportunity to connect education and research in the Pacific to the rest of the world in order to benefit Pacific Island communities and economies. This workshop is designed as a working session intended to bring key participants and stakeholders together to identify solutions.


8:25  - Convene in Asia Room, 2nd Floor
8:35  - Introductions - All
8:40  - Intro to EAGER Grant Project: Why we are Here & Strawman - David Lassner
            includes brief discussion
9:00  - What the NSF Award Data Tells Us - Dale Smith
            includes Q&A
9:10  - Importance of Connecting Tertiary Education in Pacific - Rajesh Chandra
            includes Q&A
9:40  - Lessons from the EC/ACP Study - George McLaughlin
            includes Q&A
10:10 - Morning Break*
10:30 - New Infrastructure Opportunity #1: Hawaiki - Todd Sutton
             includes Q&A
11:00 - New Infrastructure Opportunity #2: O3b - Steve Blumenthal
             includes Q&A
11:30 - Discussion of Meeting Needs of Shipboard Research - Steve Foley & Sandy Shor
12:00 - Lunch (With PITA CEOs)*
13:00 - Open Discussion of USPNet Opportunities
13:30 - Open Discussion of North/US Pacific Anchor Institution Opportunities
14:00 - Open Discussion of other Anchor Institution Opportunities
             French Polynesia, American Samoa, PNG...
14:30 - Afternoon Break*
15:00 - Review Progress, Fill in Gaps, Identify Next Steps
16:00 - Open Discussion with PITA CEO Forum - Asia Room
17:00 - Networking Gathering - Location TBA

* Breaks and lunch on Garden Level (ground floor)
(PITA CEO Forum convenes separately in Kamehameha Room)


  • David Lassner - University of Hawaii - Introduction: (PPT)
  • Dale Smith - NSRC - Mining NSF Database for Awards Related to Tropical Pacific: (PPT)
  • Rajesh Chandra - Unversity of South Pacific - Importance of Connecting Tertiary Education in Pacific: (PPTX)
  • George Mcaughlin - ACP Connect - Lessons from the EC/ACP Study: (PPT)
  • Todd Sutton - Hawaiki - New Infrastructure Opportunity #1: Hawaiki: (PPTX)
  • Steve Blumenthal - O3b - New Infrastructure Opportunity #2: (PPTX)
    • O3b Pacific Satellite Animation: (MOV) (mp4 format)
    • O3b Ship Tracking Caribbean: (SWF) (Flash format, play in Web browser)
  • Steve Foley & Sandy Shor - Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Discussion of Meeting Needs of Shipboard Research: (PDF | KEYNOTE)
  • Enrique Pelaez - ESPOL / CEDIA - Research and current connectivity for Ecuadorian scientists and projects in the Galapagos region: (PPT)
  • Fred Christopher - PITA - Importance of ICTs in the Pacific Islands: - (PPT)


  1. Guiding principles
    1. As elsewhere in the world, colleges and universities are the "anchors" for R&E networking whenever possible.
    2. Fiber is the first choice for R&E network connectivity where available, followed by terrestrial connection to an anchor or satellite.
  1. Connecting Anchor Institutions in the Pacific
    1. US-affiliated / North Pacific - Build out Guam as an R&E hub using existing fiber from Guam to Hawaii. Connect other anchors using existing fiber from Northern Marianas, FSM and RMI to Guam. Monitor nascent Palau fiber project. Connect other sites via O3b, wireless wireless (e.g. ICTP, PISCES models) or other satellite facilities. Figure out how to connect American Samoa and Samoa, either via the existing fiber (to Hawaii), new fiber or O3b.
    2. South Pacific - Work with USP to take USPNet to the next level. In most of the islands the USP Campus is the main higher ed presence. Connect Fiji to Hawaii as well as AU and identify opportunities with the (proposed new) Hawaiki fiber project for the locations that are feasible. Identify possibilities for O3b in those and other locations.
    3. French Pacific - Figure out how to get UPF connected to Hawaii and UNC connected to AARNet via existing fiber. Consider feasible possibilities for Wallis & Futuna via Hawaiki or O3b.
    4. PNG - Develop a PNG Plan with PNGArnet and others.
    5. In addition, for all anchor institutions:
      • Identify R&E application drivers
      • Make preliminary assessment of campus network and HR capacity.
  1. Connecting Research Sites in the Pacific

Use Dale's research to identify the most signficant research sites with connectivity requirements that are not at/on a campus and see if they are close enough to connect terrestrially. If not, are they in a footprint where we can use an O3b beam. For example, for Gump/Moorea we'd try to get to UPF to connect to Hawaii. For Palmyra we'd need to see if it's in the O3b footprint (within 700km) of any other sites.

  1. Shipboard Research in the Pacific

Can we acquire a "mobile" O3b beam that can be pointed at the highest priority cruise in the Pacific at any particular time based on the input of the Oceanographic research community, perhaps working with HiSeasNet and UNOLS?What would be the implications for shipboard operations, gateway connections and coordination/scheduling?

  1. Galapagos

Identify beam availability, gateway location and connectivity, research drivers and funding possibilities.

  1. O3b Specific

To support fixed and mobile O3b sites, identify where and how to connect from relevant O3b gateways to major R&E network providers (Hawaii/UH, Perth/AARNet, Galapagos?).

  1. Hawaiki Specific

Is there a way to acquire an "R&E wave" on the backbone to be made available at all locations?


  • Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN)
    • Markus Buchhorn
  • Ecuador/Galapagos
    • Enrique Pelaez, ESPOL
  • European Commission / African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (EC/ACP) Study Project
    • George McLaughlin
  • French Polynesia
    • Steve Brock
    • Maui Sanford
  • Hawaiki
    • Todd Sutton
    • Steve Cotter
  • Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC)
    • Steve Huter
    • Dale Smith
    • Hervey Allen
    • Phil Regnauld
  • O3b (Other 3 Billion)
    • Steve Blumenthal
    • Imran Malik
  • Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) Member CEOs forum
    • Fred Christopher; Manager
    • Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet) Pty Ltd, Australia
      • Don Robertson; COO
      • Mary Fleming; Director Business Development
    • Bluesky Communications, American Samoa
      • Adolfo Montenegro, Chairman and CEO
    • Computer Services Limited, Samoa
      • Laeimau Oketevi Tanuvasa, CEO
    • FSM Telecommunications Corporation, Federated States of Micronesia
      • John Sohl; President/CEO
      • Fredy Perman; Executive VP/COO
      • Ms. Steincia Olter; Carrier Service Coordinator
    • Interchange Limited, Vanuatu
      • Simon Fletcher; CEO
    • National Telecommunications Authority, Marshall Islands
      • Thomas Kijiner, Jr.; President & CEO
      • Michael Sawej; CTO
    • Pactel International, Australia
      • Andrew Taylor; CEO
      • Steffen Holzt; Executive Director
    • Palau National Communications Corporation, Palau
      • Richard Misech;; General Manager
      • Brenda Tarimel; Chief Technical Officer
      • Leo Ben Teriong; Chief Financial Officer
      • Blanche Salii; Regulatory Affairs Manager
      • Jesse R. Alfonso; Switch Operations Manager
      • Kraskes Yakuchil; DTV Coordinator
    • Tahiti Nui Telecom,Tahiti
      • Isabelle AILLOUX; Intl' Carrier Account
    • Telecom Fiji Ltd, Fiji
      • Vinit Chand, Group Financial Controller
      • Charles Goundar, Product Development Manager
    • Telecom New Zealand, New Zealand
      • Andrew Tierney Head of Asia Pacific Sales
    • Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd, Kiribati
      • Teannaki Tongaua; CEO
    • Telecom Vanuatu Ltd, Vanuatu
      • Cedric Cauvel; CTO
      • Gerome Guicherd; CMO
    • Teletok – Telecommunication Tokelau Corporation
      • Tokelau Tino Vitale; General Manager
    • Telstra Global, Australia
      • John Mitchell; Regional Manager
      • Joseph Chidiac; Senior Account Manager
      • Steven Christie Account Manager Oceania
    • Tikiphone, Tahiti
      • Heia Teuapiko; Roaming Mgr
    • Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC), Tonga
      • Rizvi Jurangpathy; Actg CEO
      • Sione Veikoso; Manager Engineering
  • The Translight Pacific Wave (TLPW)
    • Celeste Anderson
  • University of California San Diego (UCSD)
    • Peter Arzberger
    • Steve Foley
  • University of Hawaii (UH)
    • David Lassner
    • Alan Whinery
    • Michelle Ibanez
    • Steve Smith
    • Sandy Shor
  • University of South Pacific
    • Rajesh Chandra
    • Kisione Finau