Abha Ahuja Bursary Award

Abha Ahuja was a computer scientist, Internet architect and engineer, systems wizard, and good friend to many. She did a lot to open the field more widely for women; founding net-grrls, liberating restrooms in collocation facilities, making stickers, the list goes on.

Active in ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, AfNOG, the IRTF, the Internet Society, and other organizations, Abha was a Senior Research Engineer at Arbor Networks in Ann Arbor, and Director of the Routing Area at IETF. Previously she was a member of the Internet Engineering group at Merit Network and a Senior Network Engineer at Internap Network Services.

Abha taught many hands-on networking classes for new engineers in Africa and Asia, and worked closely with her colleagues to promote good routing practices worldwide. She was involved and committed to many activities in the Internet community. Her presence and warmth affected those around her.

Abha died at 28 on October 20, 2001. She is and will continue to be sorely missed.

In memory and recognition of her contribution, and thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and Verisign, the Abha Ahuja Fellowship Award has was established a decade ago, to allow engineers from developing economies to attend an international network engineering meetings. This is done by a Dutch non-profit foundation for the purpose. Since 2007, the Fellowship has tried to find two network engineers from the poorer economies every year or two. 42 engineers have received the Fellowship to date. We look for those who are not only good engineers, but who have and will help their peers and their network community. We admit a bias toward women.

If you are or know of an engineer who may desire and qualify for the Fellowship, please get them to send a simple resume to us at abc@ymbk.com.

A summary of past recipients is available for those interested in seeing how this bursary has enabled network engineers from around the globe to attend international network engineering meetings.

Abha Ahuja Foundation