Train the Trainer (TtT)


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This is a five-day workshop designed to teach and practice pedagogical methods for teaching as well as technical considerations for using the NSRC Virtualized Training and Materials Development Platforms. The goal of this workshop is to provide sustainable technical expertise to support the current rapid build-out of research and education networks (RENs) in emerging regions and to expand local network engineering expertise in university IT departments and REN organizations to support these emerging RENs as well as to work with other regional or national networking organizations to deliver targeted TtT programs to help communities of interest enable more self-sufficiency.

Workshop Topics

  • Welcome, Goals, Logistics and Introdcutions
  • Ways People Learn:
    • Learning Objectives
  • Lesson Planning
  • Participant Presentations and Discussion (multiple sessions)
  • Choosing Activities and Aids
    • Avoiding Death by PowerPoint
  • Assessment Methods:
    • Topic Selection
    • Participant Prepation
  • Participants Presentations and Discussion, Round Two (multiple sessions)
  • Final Review and Discussion of Presentations
  • Overview of thel Virtualized Training Platform
  • Virtualized Training Platform Configuration
  • Managing Dynamips with Dynagen
  • Managing Containers (KVM, LXD/LXC)
  • Obtaining Training Materials - NSRC Materials Development Platform
  • Roundtable: Organizing and Running a Workshop
  • Exam, questionnaire and certificates

Target Audience

    Network system administrators, engineers and technicians from Research Education Networks, Universities and ISPs who are responsible for network maintenance, planning and design and who have the support of their organizations to provide training on these topics to other technical staff using the materials, platform and methodologies provided in this course.


  • Reasonable knowledge of the UNIX/Linux command line environment
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking
  • A desire to share knowledge and train others to support buildout of network and technical infrastructure
  • Support from participant's management to provide technical training to others after this event
  • Participants are required to bring a laptop


General objective:

  • Students will be able to confidently plan and deliver lessons

Specific teaching objectives: at the end of the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Write specific objectives
  • Write a lesson plan
  • Select classroom activities
  • Design and use a teaching aid (handouts, demo device, whiteboard, imagery, presentations, etc.)
  • Design and use a classroom assessment method (e.g. short answer test)
  • Plan a course of instruction or workshop

Specific objectives around the NSRC virtualized training platform:

  • Install Ubuntu, libvirt and kvm from scratch on a bare metal server
  • Download and install the class-gw and Virtualized Training Platform virtual machines
  • Manage dynamips and lxd instances on the Virtualized Training Platform
  • Understand use of and obtaining training materials from the NSRC Materials Development Platform (MDP)

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