Network Startup Resource Center     Why We Are Moving the Calendar Pages

The current Network Education and Training Calendar of Events pages are hosted on a different server than most of the other NSRC web pages. This is because the original calendar code was written over 14 years ago using versions of PHP that included several constructs that are no longer secure. We have locked down the current code as best we can, but in order to update our interal calendar code (several thousand lines of it) to be more secure we need to be able to run a modern version of PHP. The server on which this calendar is running is now deprecated, so we have updated the PHP code on our current server with a modern version of PHP. Instead of maintaining different interfaces to resources we are migrating the current calendar to the current NSRC look and feel. You can see this at (

A Few Notes

  • The updated calendar will have the same look and feel as the main web site pages, but it will not be running in the Content Management System we use. Instead the calendar pages are skinned with the current look and feel. This is similar to what we are doing now.
  • We are testing the updated code among several people, but if you find errors once we update these places please let us now at We'll get them fixed as quickly as possible.
  • Our goal is to leave functionality as is, fix security holes, simplify our lives by maintaining a single look and feel across our pages and fix or add bits of functionality during migration and shortly thereafter.
  • Functionality fixes or additions will not be major, but if you have concerns or suggestions for updates you would like to see please feel free to write to us at