Internet eXchange Points


Recently added IXPs

The information presented on these pages has been compiled using data from the PeeringDB database We would like to thank them for making the data available to the Internet community.

Our primary focus in producing these maps is to encourage the deployment and reporting on Internet Exchange Points (IXP) in developing regions. A 2014 paper titled, "Using PeeringDB to Understand the Peering Ecosystem," points out that:

The data less accurately reflects IXP properties such as member counts and their evolution over time, because many networks in developing regions do not participate in PeeringDB.

We would encourage any group operating an IXP to record their details in PeeringDB and keep them up to date! We'd also encourage exchange participants to record their details so that other potential participants can find you.

If we can help IXPs in developing regions to get their data into PeeringDB or if there are errors in the way we have drawn the maps, please contact us at: