ccTLD Capacity Building Initiative

A three-tiered training approach (the Registry Operations Curriculum, or ROC) developed by ICANN, ISOC and NSRC to help build capacity in the ccTLD space.

Registry Operations Curriculum

There currently is no formal training program for ccTLDs; courses are sponsored by various organizations, and most courses are taught ad-hoc. Further, current course offerings do not address operational security in any capacity. A three tiered “Registry Operations Curriculum” addresses capacity building from both an operational and security perspective within the ccTLDs. The goal of the new curriculum is to provide operational technical training to ccTLDs and give operators a foundation, built on hands-on experience, to build resiliency within their own organizations.


Please click on the links below for detailed course descriptions, day-by-day course schedules, network diagrams and more information:

Course 1: Initial Registry Operations Course (IROC) – This 5-day course provides an introduction to operating a registry. Students will learn the basics of computer networking, the domain name system, registry architectures, and name server operations.

Course 2: Advanced Registry Operations Course (AROC) – This 5-day course provides the principles and components of expanding the technical operation of a registry through effective network management as well as the use of advanced tools and Best Practices. Students will learn concepts and their application to a registry by installation, configuration and operation of these tools.

Course 3: Secure Registry Operations Course (SROC) – This 5-day course addresses security, stability and resiliency in registry operations. Students will learn network and computer security principles and their application to registry functions, processes, and infrastructure.

Curriculum Objectives

  • Graduated progression
  • All attendees reach a baseline for each course so that none are lost in subject areas as they progress through the curriculum
    • Training progression is documented.
  • Structured courses with objectives
    • Provides maximum topic coverage with minimal duplication between courses
    • Standardized training materials
  • Provide integrated hands-on exercises
    • Students build, maintain, operate and secure their own “registry” in the courses
    • Students build upon the network built in previous courses – reducing architecture familiarization time in successive courses
    • Curriculum will use a dedicated architecture for in-course exercises


  • Anyone wishing to attend the first course (IROC) may do so.
  • To attend the second course (AROC) course attendees either complete the IROC course and pass the IROC completion exam, or pass the IROC completion exam separately before attending the AROC.
  • To attend the third course (SROC) attendees either complete the AROC course and pass the AROC completion exam, or pass the AROC completion exam separately before attending the SROC.

Target Audiences

  • ccTLD registry operators, technicians and administrators
  • ccTLD management with technical background and experience

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