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Technical Specifications and Policies for ccTLD Operations

The following summarizes some of the IANA's technical expectations for operation of ccTLDs by ccTLD managers. It is incorporated as Attachment G to ccTLD Sponsorship Agreements for the triangular situation:

1. Connectivity. There must be Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity to the nameservers and electronic mail connectivity to the entire management, staff, and contacts of the Sponsoring Organization. There must be an administrative contact and a technical contact for the Delegated ccTLD.

2. Operational Capability. The ccTLD managers must do a satisfactory job of operating the DNS service for the Delegated ccTLD. Duties such as the assignment of domain names, delegation of subdomains and operation of nameservers must be done with technical competence. This includes keeping the IANA advised of the status of the domain, responding to requests in a timely manner, and operating the database with accuracy, robustness, and resilience. Because of its responsibilities for the DNS, the IANA must be granted access to all TLD zones on a continuing basis. There must be a primary and a secondary nameserver that have IP connectivity to the Internet and can be easily checked via access to zones for operational status and database accuracy by the IANA.

3. RFC Compliance. The Delegated ccTLD must be operated in compliance with the following Requests for Comments (RFCs): 1034, 1035, 1101, 2181, 2182. In clarification of the statement of host-name rules in these RFCs, all domain names in the Delegated ccTLD (excluding subdomain names under domains registered to third parties) shall comply with the following syntax in augmented Backus-Naur Form (BNF) as described in RFC2234:

dot = %x2E ; "."
dash = %x2D ; "-"
alpha = %x41-5A / %x61-7A ; A-Z / a-z
digit = %x30-39 ; 0-9
ldh = alpha / digit / dash
id-prefix = alpha / digit
label = id-prefix [*61ldh id-prefix]
sldn = label dot label; not to exceed 254 characters
hostname = *(label dot) sldn; not to exceed 254 characters

4. Tagged Domain Names. In addition, domain names in the Delegated ccTLD (excluding subdomain names under domains registered to third parties) having labels with hyphens in the third and fourth character positions (e.g., "rq--1k2n4h4b") are reserved from initial (i.e. other than renewal) registration, except as authorized by ICANN policy or by written exception from ICANN.

(1 April 2002)

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