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Currently in raw form.

Keeping track of things to do for APRICOT 2008 and then the AIT InterLAB Network Management workshop:

* Create local Ubuntu repository * Use local DNS to override local ubuntu mirror addresses. * Set up web server on "noc" and make sure that the rc-config script is available for: wget http://noc/workshop/scripts/rc-config * Provide the following for install: IP Address: ______________________________ Netmask: ______________________________ Gateway: ______________________________ DNS Server: ______________________________ Hostname: ______________________________ Keyboard Layout: ______________________________ * Give password for inst and root accounts * Update install of Gnome and Xwindow if autoconfigure does not work. * Decide when to install and configure: - mail EXIM 4 is installed by Smokeping - web DONE on FIRST DAY - Apache 2 - php DONE on FIRST DAY - PHP 5 as module not cgi - mysql WILL BE DONE with Cacti Install on DAY 3 * Add to first-day Ubuntu exercises: - Allow PermitRootLogin without-password in sshd.conf + a public key in authorized_keys so we can automatize opening/closing of CDROM^H^H^H software distribution and config :) * Install Squid on the NOC so that people can use smokeping against this. * Make sure that the smokeping config files are available on the noc box per the smokeping install exercises: scp inst@noc:/etc/smokeping/config * Make sure this is available per the trac install exercises http://noc/workshop/presos/trac/install-trac.html http://noc/worksop/presos/trac/trac.ini http://noc/worksop/presos/trac/site/apricot-2008.jpg * Trac exercises 2: include updating /trac/apricot/conf/trac.ini to contain proper email addresses for sending out emails. - Creation of emails based on ticket creation. - Verification that Exim 4/Sendmail is working as needed.