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The Network Startup Resource Center, the University of Oregon's Network Services team, and the UO's Computer and Information Science department will offer a one-week, lab-based course on Network Design and Operations. The program emphasizes the importance of the campus network as the foundation in developing robust, high performance National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). The hands-on course addresses design methodologies, including physical cabling, switching architectures, routing, and network management. Core and border network designs will be taught to help participants complete the picture from proper internal network architectures to effective interconnection methodologies for NRENs and other external networks.

This course is open to international campus network engineers, engineers from developing national research and education networks, international undergraduate students, and University of Oregon Computer and Information Science Students.

On Sunday, July 19 an optional UNIX/IP Fundamentals Prep Course will be offered from 0900 until 1700. Anyone who feels they would benefit from this course is encouraged to attend.


Dates:     July 20-24, 2009 (Monday-Friday)
Location:     University of Oregon, Eugene,
Oregon, USA
Format:     Lecture and hands on lab
Hours:     35
Language:     English


This course assumes the student has a basic understanding of networking technologies, such as the OSI networking model, Ethernet, TCP/IP, switches, hubs, routers, and physical cabling. Students should also have a basic understanding of Unix system administration. A one day UNIX/IP Fundamentals refresher course is offered for those who wish to attend.

Details of UNIX/IP Refresher Course

Date:     July 19, 2009 (Sunday)
Location:     University of Oregon, Eugene,
Oregon, USA
Format:     Lecture and hands on lab
Hours:     8
Language:     English


A student taking this course will learn...
  • Current best practices in designing and building campus networks.
  • Concepts and practices of building hierarchical networks using structured cabling systems, layer 2 switches and layer 3 routers.
  • How to design the physical layer and physical cabling systems of a campus network.
  • How to design a scalable layer 2 network in the campus environment.
  • Where to route and where to switch in campus network design.
  • How to use open source software to monitor availability and performance in your campus network.
  • How this design methodology facilitates successful participation in National Research and Education Networks.


Steve Huter     Research Associate (NSRC)
Hervey Allen     Network Systems Engineer (NSRC)
José Domínguez     Senior Network Engineer (UO Network Services)
Jeff Hite     Network Technician (UO Network Services)
Mohammad Maleki     Network Engineer (UO Network Services)
Dale Smith     Director (UO Network Services)
Steven VanDevender     Academic Unix Systems Manager (UO Information Services)
Carlos Vicente     Network Engineer (UO Network Services)

Summary Course Outline


Morning: Introduction to Network Campus Design

Afternoon: Fiber termination lab
                       Tour of campus cable plant


Morning: In-Building Network Design

Afternoon: Lab - Build layer 2 network consisting of aggregation                        switch and edge switches


Morning: Core Network Design

Afternoon: Core Network Lab (build dual core routed network)


Morning: BGP and Border Routing Concepts

Afternoon: BGP Lab


Morning: Network Management

Afternoon: Network Engineering Round Table

Detailed Course Outline

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UNIX/IP Fundamentals Prep Course

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