Participants Registry Presentation Guide

Presentations to be given starting towards the end of day, Monday, July 19th.

                 Attendee ccTLD Overview Presentations Format
                       Registry Operations Curriculum

As part of the Registry Operations Curriculum near the start of each workshop
we ask participants to give an overview of their ccTLD operations that includes
information that is relevant to the course you are taking.  This helps us, and 
the rest of the class, to better understand who we are teaching and how Registries 
from around the world function.

We ask that your presentation be no more than 10 minutes in length, and that
in the presentation you try and cover the following points:

* Size of your registry - This includes staff, number of domains, etc.
* What type of registry model you use:
       - Single registry that registers all domains.
       - Registry with registrars that register domains.
       - A single top-level domain, or multiple sub-domains as well.
* What type of technologies are in use:
       - BIND, NSD, other DNS server?
       - DNSSEC?
       - IPv6?
       - Anycast?
* What type of network monitoring or management are you already doing (if any)?
       - Tools in place (Nagios, Cacti, Smokeping, logging, MRTG, NetFlow,
         SNMP usage, versioning systems, ticketing systems, etc.)
       - External monitoring of your services?
* A network diagram of your registry operation if available.

We understand that some of this information may be considered confidential or
sensitive to your registry operations. You are in no way required to disclose
this information, but if you do, we will only make your registry presentation
public if you authorize us to do so.

We look forward to seeing you in person!
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