PC 8

This PC has been assigned to Hosea Phiri
I am from Malawi and I work for NBS Bank Ltd as a Network Administrator

Below are some of highlights of NME track

Day 1

Introduction to Network Management and Monitoring

  • This is overall concept of what is covered in the track - Looks attractive!
  • The software to be covered and those to be explored once I get have all been highlighted

Definitions & Performance Measurement

  • For purposes of clarity, this topic is important
  • Terms and definitions have been defined in advance - I like this.

Cisco/HP Configuration Elements

  • By the way I didn't say that we are working in groups of four people each.
  • I am in group 2. PC 8 belongs to this group and other PCs are PC2, PC4 and PC6
  • Guess what, during this topic, as a group we configured our gateway router
  • Here I had to be reminded of usual usual stuff - Interesting

Day 1 Review

  • I have liked the content
  • I am happy with where I am going
  • I have liked the combination of Instructors
  • One thing :) - It looks like we are covering no software on Security/NIDS. I wished we covered one :(

Some Important Links:

Day 2

NOCs and Documentation - Netdot Demonstration

  • This is how the day started. A nice tool.
  • I need to go home now and explore this tool.

Some Important Links:

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