Timeline of Events

November 12 (Saturday)

  • Instructors Hervey Allen, Brian Candler, Kevin Chege and Carlos Vicente arrive to Kumasi for pre-workshop preparations at KNUST.

November 13 (Sunday)

  • Continue to set up training workshop lab facilities
  • Jens Kuehlers arrives to Kumasi

November 15 (Tuesday)

  • Sebastian Buettrich arrives to University of Cape Coast to assist with on-site Network planning.

November 16-18 (Wednesday-Friday)

  • Dale Smith and Sebastian Buettrich assist on-site with network planning University of Cape Coast.
  • Jens Kuehlers to join Dale and Sebastian at UCC on Wednesday.

November 14-19 (Monday-Saturday)

  • IP Planning
    • Monday
      • Layers 1/2/3 Refresher
      • IP Address Planning
      • Remote Video Session with AfriNIC
      • Review Attendee IP Addressing Plans
  • Network Monitoring and Management
    • Tuesday
      • Linux Basics for Class Architecture
      • Intro to Network Monitoring and Management
      • SNMP
    • Wednesday
      • Cacti, Nagios and Smokeping
    • Thursday
    • Friday Morning
      • Ticketing Systems
      • RANCID
      • Certificates and closing
      • Initial Workshop Concluded
  • BGP
    • Saturday
      • BGP, Attributes, Path Selection and Policy

November 20 (Sunday)

  • Dale Smith, Jens Kuehlers and Google-NSRC-GARNET meeting in Accra
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