Workshop Agenda


Session I 09:00-10:30
Break 10:30-11:00
Session II 11:00-12:30
Lunch 12:30-13:30
Session III 13:30-15:30
Break 15:30-16:00
Session IV 16:00-17:30+


Name Organization Country
Brian Candler BC NSRC England
Phil Regnauld PR NSRC France
Dale Smith DS NSRC USA

Summary Agenda

Thursday Topic LeadPresentations Exercises Referenced Software
Session I Class Introduction DS/PR PDF
Campus Network Design Best Practices DS PDF
Session II IP Address Planning DS PDF PDF
Physical Cabling PDF PDF | DOC
Cabling System Specifications DOC | PDF
Session III Network Diagram Hints DS PDF
Participant Campus Network Presos Link
Session IV In-building Network Design BC PDF
Spanning Tree Protocol BC continued PDF
Session I Lab from day 1 - hands on access Lab access instructions
Session II Virtual LANs BC continued
Session III Lab BC continued
Session IV Core network design BC PDF
Session I Introduction to OSPF BC PDF
Cisco Configuration Elements BC HTML
Session II - IV Lab BC PDF
Session I Introduction to Network Management PR PDF
Session II SNMP PR PDF Lab access | TXT
Session III Cacti PR PDF with LAB Disk stats
Smokeping PR PDF TXT
Session IV Lab
Session I Nagios PR PDF
Session II Nagios Lab LAB1 | LAB2
Session III Netdot BC fundamentals HTML | additional PDF
Session IV Netflow + NFSen PR PDF LAB
Configuration & log management: RANCID & r/syslog-ng PR RANCID: PDF Log mgmt: PDF RANCID: TXT Log mgmt TXT
Closing (Survey, Certificates)
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