Workshop Agenda

Dates: June 7-11, 2011

4.5 days

NSRC Instructor Team

  • Kevin G. Chege, Kenya Education Network (KENET) (KC)
  • Dale Smith, University of Oregon, Network & Telecom Services (DS)
  • Phil Regnauld, NSRC (PR)
  • Sebastian Buettrich, NSRC (SB)

Time Schedule

First day, June 7, starts at 9.30h Last day, June 11, closes at lunchtime

Session I 0830-1030
Break 1030-1100
Session II 1100-1300
Lunch 1300-1400
Session III 1400-1600
Break 1600-1630
Session IV 1630-1800

Tuesday Topic LeadPresentations ExercisesReferenced Software
Session I Designing Scalable Wireless Networks in the Campus LAN DS PDF PPT
Session II Introduction to Wireless Networking - Standards, Modes, Spectrum, Modulation SB pdf
Comments on Low cost wireless networking SB pdf
Session III+ Round table - participants' projects, cases, interests & challenges
Wednesday Topic LeadPresentations ExercisesReferenced Software
Pre-SessionClarification of Terms and Issues SB/DS/PR PDF PPT
Session I Basic Radio Physics SB PDFPDF (with answers)
Session II Antennas & Transmission Lines SB PDF
Link budget & dB Math, team exercises SB PDFPDF A possible solution for the exercise (PDF)
Session IIILow cost wifi hardware choice & procurement KC PDF
start LAB: AP configuration, flashing AP_Lab all
Session IV LAB: AP configuration, flashing AP_Lab all
Thursday Topic LeadPresentations ExercisesReferenced Software
Session I Security concepts, tools & resources SB PDF
Session II Wireless authentication models & mechanisms PR PDF
Session III - IV LAB: Authentication, 802.1x & Captive Portals SB/PR PDF
Friday Topic LeadPresentations ExercisesReferenced Software
Morning Cafeteria Wireless Design Planning and Config
Afternoon LAB & Field day - Installing wireless APs at USIU Cafeteria
Saturday Topic LeadPresentations ExercisesReferenced Software
Session I Troubleshooting KC PDF
Follow up on field project KC
Session II Essentials of building wireless networks SB PDF
Session II Presentation of Certificates and books all
Group Lunch Group Lunch for all at the Safari Park hosted by NSRC all

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