CAMREN - AIT - NSRC Campus Network Design & Network Management Workshop

Dates: August 20-24, 2012
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Host: Institue of Technology of Cambodia
Venue: ITC, Phnom Penh

Five day hands-on technical workshop focused on Campus Network Design and Network Management

NSRC will also be conducting a Network Monitoring and Management tutorial on Monday, August 27 during the APNIC 34 meeting. Participants from the Campus Network Design program are welcome to participate in the network monitoring tutorial, and can register for that program with APNIC .

Workshop Goals

  • Train network engineering staff from universities and research institutes in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand on how to design and build scalable, sustainable campus networks
  • Learn to design and build structured cabling systems, including fiber termination practice.
  • Learn current best practices in designing and building hierarchical networks using layer 2 switches and layer 3 routers, including where to route and where to switch in campus networks
  • Learn how to use open source software to monitor availability and performance in managing campus networks
  • Strengthen the human network of the research and education community in developing national and regional cyberinfrastructure


  • Some Linux/UNIX experience
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP protocols and layer 2 and layer 3 network basics

Recommended Software

Workshop Items

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