Diagram guidelines

Hints for the creation of your network diagram.


* General questions:

- How many devices in the campus ?

    [should probably explicit device, as in: only hosts and net eqpt,
     or everything, including printers, wireless devices, etc...]

- How many buildings? Distances between them, if known ?
- Fiber links between the buildings ?

* Internet

- External connectivty ? Type, capacity ?
- Are you providing routes to your upstream provider, or are they statically
  routed to you?

* IP addressing:

- Could we get an IP address map ?  A description of how are subnets used ?
- Is there an addressing plan ?
- Are the IP addresses assigned by their ISP, or have they got a Provider
  Independent (PI) allocation ? 
- Are private or public (routable) IP addresses being used inside the network ? 
- Are you using one or more layers of NAT ?

* Routing vs switching:

- Is the core L3 or L2 (routed or switched) ?
- What kind of routing protocols, if any ?
- Is Spanning Tree enabled in the network ?

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