DNS/DNSSEC workshop

Dates: 22-26 April, 2012
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Host: MENOG - http://www.menog.net/meetings/menog10/workshops#DNS
Venue: Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina

This is a technical workshop, made of up lecture and hands-on lab work to teach DNS and DNS Security Extentions targeted at operators who are responsible for the DNS services in their organization.

Workshop Goals

  • to better understand the less obvious sides of DNS
  • to secure DNS installations, and instrument them
  • learn about DNS service monitoring, including latency
  • to acquire experience with different DNS software platforms
  • to understand DNS Security (DNSSEC) extensions


  • Knowledge of Linux/UNIX command line
  • Basic experience with managing DNS servers
  • Good understanding of network basics (TCP/IP layers, routing principles)

Recommended Software

Workshop Items

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