NSRC - AIT Network Monitoring and Management Workshop

Dates: Nov 5-9 (Monday-Friday), 2012
Venue: Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Course Language: English
Instructor Languages: English, French, Spanish


This workshop is designed for engineers and system staffs at ISPs and large networks including academic networks who are involved with system management, network monitoring and management and problem response. The course is for those who need to manage diverse Network and NOC operations. Please review the Agenda to see the topics to be covered. Labs constitute about 60% of the course.


  • A laptop with wireless capability
  • IPv4 addressing and general network concepts.
  • Knowledge of UNIX and/or Linux.

Required Software in Class

Workshop Items

Network Operations

Software available during class

  • Cacti
    • login user: guest password: guest
    • login as user: admin, password <class password>
  • Nagios
  • Netdot
    • login as user: admin, password <class password>
  • NfSen
    • Request Tracker
    • login as user: sysadm, password <class password>
  • RRDTool
    • Traffic on classroom router interfaces
  • Smokeping
  • WebSVN (RANCID router configs)
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