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Instructors and Organizers


Name Organization Email Country
Hervey Allen (HA) NSRC hervey(at)nsrc(dot)org Chile/USA
Steve Huter (SH) NSRC sghuter(at)nsrc(dot)org USA
Andy Linton (AL) NSRC asjl(at)nsrc(dot)org New Zealand
Dean Pemberton (DP) NZNOG dean(at)nznog(dot)org New Zealand
Phil Regnauld (PR) NSRC regnauld(at)nsrc(dot)org Denmark/France
Dale Smith (DS) NSRC dsmith(at)nsrc(dot)org USA


Name Organization Email Country
Steve Huter NSRC sghuter(at)nsrc(dot)org USA
Dr. Ni Lar Thein UCSY thandartheinn(at)gmail(dot)com Myanmar
Dr. Thandar Thein UCSY nilarthein(at)gmail(dot)com Myanmar
Amanda Thomsen* NSRC mail(at)amandathomsen(dot)com Denmark
Dr. Su Thawda Win UCSY stdwthawda(at)gmail(dot)com Myanmar
  • Official event photographer and videographer.