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Documents & Diagrams

The following documents/diagrams will be presented and discussed during round table sessions.

  • Guidelines for creating network diagrams: PDF

Organization Description Diagrams
Computer University (Mandalay)
Dept. of Higher Edu. (Lower Myanmar) LAN and Physical Diagrams LAN (PDF) : Physical (PDF)
Department of Medical Science
Info. & Comm. Tech. Training(Hlaing) Logical and Physical Diagrams Logical: (PNG) : Physical: (PNG)
Technological University (Hmawbi) Logical Network Diagram PDF
Technological University (Thanlyin) Logical Network Diagram JPG
Univ. of Computer Studies, Lashio Overview and Physical network Overview (JPG) : Physical (JPG)
Univ. of Computer Studies, Mandalay Fiber optic and Satellite Network Diagrams Fiber: (PDF) : Satellite: (PDF)
University of Comp. Studies, yangon Admin, Campus and Interconnect Diagrams PDF
Univ. of Comp. Studies, yangon (Bahan) Logical and WiFi Diagrams Logical: PNG : Wifi JPG
Univ. of Distance Education, Yangon
Univ. of Foreign Languages, Yangon
University of Medicine 1,Yangon
University of Medicine 2,Yangon Layer 2/3 and Physical Diagrams Layer 2/3 (PDF) : Physical (PDF)
University of Medicine, Magway
University of Medicine, Mandalay Network Topology PDF
University of Pharmacy
Univ. of Tech. (Yatanarpon Cyber City) Network, Logical, Labs Network Diagram: JPG : Logical and Labs: PDF
West Yangon Technological University
Yangon Univerrsity 3 Diagrams - Physical, Layer 3, Layer 2/3 Physical (JPG) : Layer 3 (JPG) : Layer 2 (JPG)
Yongon Technilogical University

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