Dates: April 15-19 (Monday-Friday), 2013
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Venue: Tshwane University of Technology
Course Language: English


The Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa and the Network Startup Resource Center will be teaching two concurrent five-day workshops with engineers from around the region. The first track will focus on campus network design and security, while the second track covers Linux system administration and IP services. Both tracks will have hands-on labs in addition to lectures presented by the NSRC staff to strengthen the local expertise in high performance campus and national research and education networks (NREN). At the beginning of the meeting both tracks will meet for a presentation on campus network design principles and best practices. Closing out the meeting with be a engineering roundtable discussion with the opportunity for a few students to present their current campus network design so they can get feedback on improving their networks.

Track 1 - Campus Network Design, Monitoring and Management


  • Train university network engineering staff on how to improve their campus network designs
  • Learn to implement best practices in switched and routed networks
  • Improve technical skills with university network personnel in network monitoring and management
  • Strengthen the TENET technical community (human network) in developing TENET's cyberinfrastructure


  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP protocols
  • Basic Linux/UNIX command line experience.
  • Laptop with wireless capabilities

Recommended Software

Track 2 - Linux System Administration and IP Services


  • Train university network engineering staff on administering Unix/Linux systems
  • Learn to implement, operate and secure IP services (web, DNS, mail) on Linux servers


  • Laptop with wireless capability
  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP

Recommended Software

Workshop Items

  • Agendas (includes links to presentations and schedule)
    • Track 1: Campus Network Design, Monitoring and Management
    • Track 2: Linux System Administration and IP Services


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