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Local Contacts

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  • Access to the lab on Sunday 15 to install software
  • 15 Computers with Linux (and root access) for the students
  • One 2.4 GHz access point that we can setup for the exercises
  • Water available each day for students and instructors
  • Whiteboard with markers available
  • Flipchart with extra paper and pens
  • Projector



  • Certificates
    • Who will create, print, sign?
  • We will need additional SIM cards and airtime for the sensors we will deploy in the campus + one for the gateway where we will collect data.
  • We will need a GSM USB dongle to be connected to the gateway (if we cannot do 2G, we can do SMS).
  • We will need a Linux server to install the middleware where data is stored and visualized.
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