Original Workshop Agenda

Used for planning:

Day 1 Topic InstPresentations Exercises Software
Session 1 Introduction to the Workshop & Syllabus JB PDF TXT
Session 1 Intro to WSN MZ
Session 2 Intro to Arduino SB
Session 3 LAB: Installing the Arduino IDE, Hello World in Arduino
Session 4 LAB: Reading data from internal sensors
Day 2
Session 1 Analog and Digital sensors JB PDF TXT
Session 2 Options for WSN communications (802.15.4, WiFi, GPRS, BT) SB
Session 3 LAB: Sending data using WiFi
Session 4 LAB: Experimenting with Grove sensors
Day 3
Session 1 Tools for Data Gathering MZ PDF TXT
Session 2 Planning a WSN installation: Problem statement, network design, online storing, graphing SB
Session 3 LAB: Sending data to an online database
Session 4 LAB: Testing a complete system in the Lab
Day 4
Session 1 Power consumption in WSN SB PDF TXT
Session 2 Considerations on deployment, commissioning, debugging, maintenance JB
Session 3 LAB: Deployments in AIT campus
Session 4 LAB: Deployments in AIT campus
Day 5
Session 1 IoT Market, Applications and Trends MZ PDF TXT
Session 2 Analysis of one day of data (gathered from the deployment) JB
Session 3 WSN: Resume and conclusions SB
Session 4 Closing ceremony

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