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NSRC and UbuntuNet Alliance Train the Trainers II Workshop

Dates: November 8-12, 2014
Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Host: UbuntuNet Alliance
Venue: Intercontinental Hotel

This is a five-day workshop to train UbuntuNet Alliance network engineers to train other UbuntuNet Alliance network personnel by teaching:

  • How to use customized virtualization training solutions developed by the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC).
  • Teaching pedagogy and methodology, including lesson planning, presentation strategies and practice in front of the class.
  • Several network and system administration class offerings including full access to materials to be used as needed.

Work will be hands-on and interactive with teachers as well as peers.

Intended Outcomes

  • Help the UbutnuNet Alliance community create training teams and labs and establish training curricula.
  • Train / apprentice a group of University / REN trainers from the UbuntuNet Alliance community to provide training at NSRC levels.
  • Exercise hands-on training curricula combined with campus network assistance producing ~300 trained local university and REN staff.
  • Facilitate cooperation with developing NRENs within Africa and with existing regional RENs in Europe, North America and other world regions.
  • Assist African faculty and students with establishing international research and education partnerships utilizing the new networks.

Workshop Items

Workshop Goals

  • To provide sustainable technical expertise to support the current rapid build-out of research and education networks (RENs) in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Approach is to expand local network engineering expertise in university IT departments and REN organizations to support these emerging RENs.

By the end of the workshop our participants should be able to:

  • Put together and build an effective and well-balanced workshop training
  • Be able to prepare for and run a workshop
  • Be able to teach, on the built kits, a topic of their choice
  • Build the VM kits and all that implies
    • KVM, Dynamips, DNS, DHCP, Gateway Virtual Machines, Web server
  • Be able to access NSRC workshop materials
  • Be familiar with our materials and topics we teach
  • Understand the steps to do campus audits and provide DEA

For a full and detailed list of workshop objectives please see our Objectives page.


  • UNIX and/or Linux System Administration experience
  • Comfortable working on the command line
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP protocols and layer 2 and layer 3 networking
  • An understanding of network and systems security basics
  • Ability and desire to teach, including able to talk and present in front of groups of people.
  • Willingness to use what is learned in this class to teach others in your country or region.

Recommended Software

  • Putty (Standalone SSH Software for Windows)
  • Linux/UNIX and Mac OS already have SSH installed. DO NOT USE PUTTY FOR LINUX OR MAC!


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