DNS Operations and Security Train the Trainers Workshop

Dates: April 26 - 29 2015
Location: Dubai, UAE
Host: UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - www.tra.gov.ae
Venue: Location

This is a four-day workshop to train network engineers to train other engineers by teaching:

  • Teaching pedagogy and methodology, including lesson planning, presentation strategies and practice in front of the class.
  • How to use customized virtualization training solutions developed by the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC).
  • Several DNS Operations and DNSSEC class offerings including full access to materials to be used as needed.
  • Work will be hands-on and interactive with teachers as well as peers.

Workshop Goals

  • Help the DNS community create training teams and labs and establish training curricula.
  • Train / apprentice a group of community members to provide training at ICANN and NSRC levels.
  • Exercise hands-on training curricula combined with campus network assistance producing trained local university and REN staff.
  • Facilitate cooperation with DNS organizations, regional meetings, and events in the Middle East and Africa to hold DNS Operation and DNSSEC trainings.


  • UNIX and/or Linux System Administration experience
  • Comfortable working on the command line
  • Knowledge of DNS and DNS servers (bind, nsd, unbound)
  • An understanding of network and systems security basics
  • Ability and desire to teach, including able to talk and present in front of groups of people.
  • Willingness to use what is learned in this class to teach others in your country or region.

Recommended Software

  • PuTTY for Windows (SSH)
  • Linux/UNIX and Mac OS already have SSH installed. DO NOT USE PUTTY FOR LINUX OR MAC!

Workshop Items

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