This is a sample of what has worked, more or less, in the past. These dates are not set in stone for each item, but as a general guideline it's useful to try and follow them to make workshop/event planning, organization and post workshop items go as smoothly as possible.

Pre-Workshop Planning* Months/Weeks Prior
Initial discussions on workshop/event scope 3 months ok
Communicate requirements to local host to host a workshop 2 1/2 moths ok
Work with contacts provided by local host to ensure that requirements are met and verified in a timely manner Start at 2 months ok
Work with NSRC core staff to finalise instructor team 2 months ok
Prepare a workshop wiki 12-4 weeks ok
Assign topics to instructors and create workshop agenda in conjunction with instructor team 4-2 weeks ok
Assist instructor team with access to NSRC Git repositories as necessary 4-2 weeks ok
Make sure instructor staff book travel 12-4 weeks ok
Remote lab access 4 weeks n/a
Connectivity 8-4 weeks ok
Power 8-4 weeks ok
Lodging and meals 12-4 weeks ok
Transport 8-4 weeks ok
Equipment shipping 4 weeks ok
Books 4-2 weeks n/a
Kit preparation 2 weeks ok
List of participants 2-1 weeks ok
Mailing list 2-1 weeks ok
Network diagrams or other participant submitted documents 2-1 weeks n/a
Social events planning 4-2 weeks n/a
Instructor briefing 2 weeks ok
Materials to print on-site 1 week n/a
Work with local host to prepare for certificates 2-1 weeks ok
During the Workshop Timeline
Workshop preparation day 1 day before workshop n/a
Lead or coordinate opening session Day 1 ok
Consider an initial, short questionnaire set of questions to determine participant level Day 1 n/a
Verify participant list details Day 2 ok
Work with local host to create, print and have signed certificates during the week Day 3-4 ok
Workshop wiki and web site All week ok
Videos and photos All week ok
Group photo Before last day ok
Social media All week ok
Materials All week ok
Arrange for distribution of workshop books Last day n/a
Closing exam Last day n/a
Survey/evaluation Last day ok
Event notes All week ok
Post Workshop Timeline
Ensure that local workshop wiki is synchronized back to public copy Last day n/a
Ensure that workshop group photo is published Day 4 or 5 in-progress
Post to Facebook and Google+ a workshop update, or work with NSRC core staff to do this Last day ok
Upload photos to within 1 week ok
Supply post event notes / report within 1 week ok
Follow up on workshop mailing list with appropriate post-workshop items as needed within 3 to 4 days ok
Archive the survey, and deactivate it, after a week or so within 1-2 weeks ?
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