Track 2: Linux System Administration and Network Security

This is a four-day workshop to train network engineers and systems administrators in basic network security using Linux-based systems. Workshop goals include the following:

Reviewing the Basics

  • Review the basics of TCP/IP so that all participants understand the structures and terms to be used in the workshop
  • Review the Linux operating system, its operation, file system, and networking capabilities - as a platform to secure, and a platform from which to provide security

Concept Introductions

  • Introduce the basics of Cryptography
  • Introduce the concepts of public key encryption, and use implement them with PGP, SSH and TLS
  • Introduce Threat Models and Pragmatics, and how they apply to network and host security

Tool Utilisation

  • Learn to Analyse network traffic in real time
  • Learn to Establish baselines and alert on deviations
  • Learn to Implement cryptography to protect network traffic
  • Learn to Analyse log files to detect anomalies

Security Processes

  • Understand holistic security processes
  • Understand how incident reporting works


  • Some Linux/UNIX, Networking, and command line experience.
  • Maximum of 28 participants in the workshop. Lab work is in pairs or larger groupings.

Recommended Software

  • PuTTY SSH for Windows (SSH) putty
  • PuTTY Secure Copy for Windows (SCP) scp

Detailed Agenda

Detailed Agenda

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