Modern System Administration

Workshop description and summary

The goal of this 4 day workshop is to introduce participants to modern-day technologies and best practices that are part of the work environment of system administrators today.

  • Security Essentials - advanced used of SSH, agents and keys, host-based security
  • Monitoring with Nagios and Munin
  • Automated system deployment and management with Ansible
  • Virtualization: KVM, LXC, Docker and cloud services
  • Backups: Bacula, cloud backup (S3/Google)

Target audience

Intermediate level Linux/UNIX systems administrators.

Workshop requirements

This workshop is not an introductory level course. Some experience with the shell, and the associated tools, is expected.

All participants will need to bring a laptop with WiFi? access. A tablet cannot be used for this workshop. The laptop will be used to access the lab network as well as the course materials on the workshop wiki. Participants will work in pairs on the lab exercises.

Class Size

The Workshop can accommodate up to 28 participants, working in groups of two.


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