DNSSEC & Security Workshop Synopsis

This is a technical workshop on Network Security & DNSSEC

Target audience

Technical staff who are now building or operating a wide area service provider network and who also wish to learn more about securing their network infrastructure.


It is assumed that the workshop participants are proficient with a router command line interface, have a good understanding of the use of routing protocols within an operational network. They also have basic idea on Security and Cryptography.

Participants are required to bring laptops.

Class size

The workshop can accommodate up to 28 participants.

Workshop topics

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Assets & Threat Models
  • Threat Pragmatics
  • Cryptography Theory and Mechanisms
  • Cryptography Applications such as ssh, VPNs, TLS, pgp, ...
  • Protecting Network Infrastructure such as routers, switches
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Protecting Servers
  • Inter-Host Protocols
  • Planning
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