# RENU: Campus Network Security # * **Dates:** October 16 - 20, 2017 * **Location:** Arua, Uganda * **Host:** [Muni University](http://muni.ac.ug/home/) * **Venue:** Council Hall (Room 1.8) ## Workshop ## * [Detailed Agenda](agenda.html) (includes links to presentations and schedule) * [Participants](participants.html) * [Instructors and Organizers](instructors.html) * [Sponsors](sponsors.html "Workshop Sponsors") * [Group Photo](https://photos.nsrc.org/YYYY/ALBUM/LINK_TO_PHOTO) : [Photos](https://photos.nsrc.org/index.php/YYYY/LINK-TO-ALBUM) * [Survey](https://workshops.renu.ac.ug/surveys/) ## Program Description## Equipping Network and Systems Administrators/Engineers for RENU member Institutions with the skills required to design robust, scalable and secure ICT infrastructure that are able to utilise the high-speed connectivity to the Internet provided by RENU in order to be able to facilitate teaching, research and collaboration. ## Objectives ## By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: * Demonstrate good security practices for a campus network * Perform basic Linux Commands * Edit files using vi * Create SSH keys * User OpenSSL and GnuPG to encrypt files