This lab runs on a virtualised environment for Cisco IOS called Dynamips. The method of access to each virtual router is via Telnet to a specific port on the IP of the machine that runs the virtualisation platform.

Lab access instructions

The instructors will divide the class into groups, where each group is responsible for the operation of the campus routers. Decide amongst yourselves which person will be responsible for configuring each router.

Access to Dynamips is by telnet, where each virtual router has a different port number in the table below.

Each participant should ensure that their device has a suitable telnet client. Linux and MacOS system have access to a shell command prompt (or Terminal) program, which allows telnet at the command line. Windows users should use Putty or another similar telnet program; make sure you select Telnet not SSH.

The instructor will provide the IP address of the host in this particular workshop. It will normally be, but the instructor will confirm this at the start of this lab.


Dynamips Port to Router Console Map

Devices Console Access
RREN telnet 2001
NREN 1 telnet 2003
ISP 1 telnet 2004
NREN 2 telnet 2005
ISP 2 telnet 2006
Group 1 Device Name Console Access
B11 telnet 2011
B12 telnet 2012
C11 telnet 2013
Group 2 Device Name Console Access
B21 telnet 2021
B22 telnet 2022
C21 telnet 2023
Group 3 Device Name Console Access
B31 telnet 2031
B32 telnet 2032
C31 telnet 2033
Group 4 Device Name Console Access
B41 telnet 2041
B42 telnet 2042
C41 telnet 2043
Group 5 Device Name Console Access
B51 telnet 2051
B52 telnet 2052
C51 telnet 2053
Group 6 Device Name Console Access
B61 telnet 2061
B62 telnet 2062
C61 telnet 2063

If there are more campuses, the port access scheme continues in the same style. 


Login instructions

Using the telnet client on your PC or laptop, connect to the routers you have been assigned; for example, to connect to the console port of B12:

telnet 2012

After executing the telnet command, you will see something like the following:

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connected to Dynamips VM "B12" (ID 8, type c7200) - Console port

Hit ENTER at this point. Then, if you see this question:

Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:

Answer "no".

The router will show some initialization routines, and finally, you will see the default prompt:


You can then go into privileged mode:

Router> enable

And then enter configuration mode:

Router# configure terminal

And you are ready to start entering configuration statements. When you are done, exit configuration mode by typing end or pressing ctrl-Z and save your changes:

Router(config)# end
Router# write memory