[Main Page](index.html "Main Page") | [Agenda](agenda.html "Agenda") # SANOG37 Network Monitoring and Management 2.0 Tutorial Overview # This tutorial goes over core network monitoring and management concepts and how we have done both in the past including newer more scaleable tools and tecniques as well as what is meant by "observing" vs. monitoring. Detailed topics are listed below. The tutorial runs for 2 hours each day with a 15 minute break in the middle. In between day one and day two we will make available our remote, cloud-based training platform we use when teaching network monitoring and management workshops. This platform allows particpants to experiment with pre-installed software, install some software from scratch if they wish or configure software. We provide access to detailed labs and instructions. ## Target Audience ## Engineers and system staff at ISPs and large networks, including academic networks, who are involved with system management, network monitoring and management, and problem response. This tutorial is for those interested in: * Why we monitor and manage networks * How we have done this traditionally * A discussion of how we get obtain data from our network * Where this fits in the network security model * Present day methods (our "2.0" discussion) * Some classic monitoring tools described and demo'ed * Some present day tools described and demo'ed * Installing or configuring some of these tools at your leisure ## Workshop Prerequisites ## * None in particular, but an understanding of core networking concepts and how TCP/IP and UDP work is useful. * To use the workshop platform all that's needed is a web browser. ## Class Size ## If every participant wants to try and install or configure some network tools we have a maximum of 36 hosts available. ## Tutorial Topics ## * Network Monitoring and Management Basic Principles * Q&A and surveys - Why do we monitor? * Network Monitoring and Management 2.0. Present day practices and how they differ from classical monitoring * Examples of tools used, traditional and modern, some of the tools we'll discuss and/or demo include: * Accessing our platform * SmokePing * Nagios * LibreNMS * NetFlow-NG * ElastiFlow * How do we get data in more detail * SNMP * Sample configuration * Flows * Sample configuration * Agent(s) use * Sample configuration(s) * A few NMM 2.0 Protocols * Google Protocol Buffers * Cisco Compact Google Protocol Buffers * JSON * Putting it all together * Summary