Advanced Registry Operations Course Details

Course Overview:
(40 hours) The Advanced Registry Operations Course (AROC), course !#2 of the Registry Operations Curriculum, instructs the principles and components of expanding the technical operation of a registry through effective network management. Students will learn concepts and their application to a registry by installation, configuration and operation of network management tools. Through a creative use of hands-on exercises, students will gain an operational understanding of managing and monitoring a registry network. Students will gain perspectives with real-world experience from networking with other students and through sharing of best practices.

Course Objectives:
Students will:

  • Evolve their technical skills and understanding of registry operations
  • Understand network management principles related to a registry
  • Understand methods and tools used in monitoring and managing a registry
  • Understand network architecture requirements for effective network management
  • Understand the basics of contingency response planning


  • Students must have attended the Initial Registry Operations Course - or - have experience with the Unix command line, and installing and configuring core registry operation software (i.e. name server, database, etc) - or- have passed the IROC completion exam.

Target Audience:

  • ccTLD registry operators, technicians and administrators
  • ccTLD management with technical background and experience (CTO, CIO, CSO)

Time Schedule

Day 1 Topic
Session 0 Entrance Exam (TCExam)
Session 1a Welcome and Course Infrastructure
Session 1b Introducing Your NOC
Session 2 Resilient, Reliable & Robust Reg. Ops
Session 3 Network Performance Definitions
Session 4 Network Performance Measurements
Session 5 Student Presentations
Day 2 Topic
Session 6 Network Monitoring/Management Intro.
Session 7 SNMP
Session 8 Ticketing Systems (Request Tracker)
Session 9 Nagios (Part I)
Day 3 Topic
Session 10 Nagios (Part II, include RT+Mailgate)
Session 11 Cisco Configuration Elements
Session 12 NetFlow and NFSen
Session 13 NetFlow and NFSen
Day 4 Topic
Session 14 RANCID and CVSWeb
Session 15 Cacti
Session 16 Smokeping
Session 17 Available as Needed
Day 5 Topic
Session 18 Log Management (Syslog-NG/Swatch)
Session 19 DCS
Session 20 Completing Your NOC
Session 21a Exam
Session 21b Workshop Evaluation
Session 21c Certificates
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