Routing and Network Border Design with BGP

This is generally two days of Layer 3 (routing) that is part of a larger training program. To support this day of training the following topics may precede:

  • Layers 1/2/3 Refresher
  • Layer 2 Network Design and Labs
  • IP Addressing Plans
  • IPv6 Introduction

Target audience

Network/systems administrators and engineers from ISP/REN/Universities or corporations, who are responsible for network maintenance and planning and who are part of a larger network requiring the use of BGP.


  • Some command line experience.
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking
  • Initial knowledge of routing and routing principles.
  • For most workshops participants are asked to bring a laptop

Potential L3 Topics

  • Core Network Design
  • Internal Routing with OSPF
  • OSPF LaB
  • High Availability
  • Last Hop Redundancy Lab
  • Multihoming
  • BGP
  • BGP atributes, policies and best practices

Sample Condensed Outline

Day One

  • Introduction to routing
  • OSPF theory
  • Cisco configuration
  • OSPF lab

Day Two

  • High availability / HSRP + Lab
  • Introduction to BGP
  • Basic BGP lab
  • Basic BGP lab

Day Three

  • BGP attributes
  • BGP best practices
  • BGP policy exercise

Layer 3 Labs

  • In many cases a remote lab based at the University of Oregon is used to give students full access to Cisco routers
  • In some workshops physical equipment may be shipped on-site and students will build network infrastructure in the classroom.
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