Fiber optic cable termination and installation

This is usually a one day presentation and set of labs as part of a larger training program. The initial presentation of "Physical Cabling Infrastructure Design" is part of a Campus Network Design workshop. To support this topic the following presentations may precede:

  • Physical Cabling Infrastructure Design
  • Layers 1/2/3 Refresher
  • Campus Network Design Principles

Target audience

Network technicians, administrators or engineers from ISP/REN/Universities or corporations, who are responsible for maintaining the physical cabling infrastructure of a network. This topic, also, assists administrators to better contract outside services as necessary.

Sample Outline

Day One

  • Physical Cabling Infrastructure Design
    • Cable types
    • Copper cabling systems
    • Fiber Optic cabling systems
  • Fiber Optic Construction Practical Advice
  • Fiber Optic hands on termination lab

Day Two

  • Fiber Optic hands on termination lab

Fiber Optic Labs

  • The NSRC will provide fiber optic cabling and termination kits for this activity so that participants can do actual fiber splicing as part of the hands-on labs.
  • In some cases some kits may be left behind for local institutions to use as necessary.
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