Deploying Multicast in a Campus Network

An overview of the topics that are presented during this workshop include:

  • Router Configuration
  • Multicast addressing
  • Protocol Soup
  • IGMP (Internet Group Membership Protocol) used by hosts and routers to tell each other about group membership
  • PIM-SM (Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode) used to propagate forwarding state between routers,with both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • SSM (Source Specific Multicast) utilizes a subset of PIM's functionality to guaranty source-only trees in the 232/8 and FF3x::/32 ranges.
  • MSDP (Multicast Source Discovery Protocol) used to exchange ASM active source information between RPs.
  • Embedded-RP for IPv6 Interdomain ASM.
  • MBGP (Multiprotocol BGP) used to exchange routing information for interdomain RPF checking.

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