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Planning checklist for NSRC Workshop Name

Workshop Planning

Local information and logistics


Name Initials Email
::1 or Local Host ::1
Hervey Allen HA hervey@…
Steven Huter SH sghuter@…
Phil Regnauld PR regnauld@…
Amanda Thomsen AT mail@…

Task OwnerStatus
Location confirmed ::1 done
Outline/agenda communicated to host/conf organizer HA in-progress
Consignee information SH done
Books for workshop, if any HA/PR pending
Donated hw for workshop, if any SH in-process
Travel logistics (airfares, visas, invitation letters) ::1 in-process
Arrival/departures HA/PR done
Travel airport pickup ::1/HA in-process
Other logistics (schedule, accomodation, meals, etc…) ::1/HA/DS in-process
Kit & config HA/PR in process
Wiki creation HA done
Agenda HA in-process
Instructors SH done
Participant list HA in-process
Mailing list creation PR/HA pending
Communicate guidelines for creation of presentation/diagrams HA pending
Presentations and/or diagrams from each institution HA pending
Classroom layout HA done
Equipment requirements (to be coordinated with localhost/organizer) HA done
In-class eqpt requirements (whiteboard, projector, flipchart) HA in-process
Practical information HA pending
Announcement to mail list HA pending
Complete wiki HA/PR in-process
Virtual lab (remote access test, testing, booking, configuration) HA done
Virtual lab use for L2/L3 Exercises PR/AL in-process
List of materials PR/HA pending
Certificates ::1 pending
Questionnaire to print HA pending
Final exam HA pending
Pictures AT pending
Group Picture AT pending
Allocate teaching modules to instructors HA pending
Evaluation HA/PR pending
Final Wiki synchronization HA pending
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