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    11=  Workshop Planning Items = 
     3== NSRC Requirements == 
     5'''One Month Before Workshop'' 
     7 * A local contact or contacts who provide critical information 1 month before the start of a workshop, including: 
     8  * Venue confirmed 
     9  * Venue layout and technical details 
     10  * Room size (how many students, computers, space for instructors) 
     11  * Power - Available plugs for student laptops, workshop equipment, etc. 
     12  * Shipping address and consignee information 
     13  * Network setup, bandwidth, addressing 
     14  * Verification that classroom network address will not be excessively filtered* 
     15  * If required, network testing to be completed to remote machines. 
     16 * Plan for workshop attendees 
     17  * How many? 
     18  * Who? 
     19  * How will attendees be chosen? 
     20 * Instructor Housing Location 
     22(*Ports to be opened include ping (icmp echo request), ssh, dns, pop, pops, smtp, smtps, http, https, vpn, ftp, imap, and imaps.) 
     24Once the checklist items above are confirmed, teaching teams and travel commitments for NSRC workshop trainers will be arranged.  
     26'''Two Weeks Before Workshop''' 
     28* List of attendees with names, institution and email addresses 
     30At this point the workshop is officially considered as going forward. Without an attendee list the NSRC reserves the right to cancel the workshop at this time  
     31and reschedule for a later date if appropriate.  
     33== Local Requirements == 
    335These are a number of items that are typically required to run a successful workshop. A workshop can be run without fulfilling all of these items, but the