Internet2 IPv6 Workshop Planning Guide for Hosting Institutions

Workshop Planning Timeline
Hosting Institution Administrative Logistics
Pre-announcement Planning
Location Requirements
Data Communications Requirement

Workshop Planning Timeline

The below timeline is a reference for optimal workshop planning. Actual timelines vary.

Hosting Institution Administrative Logistics

Number of attendees:

The logistics in this document are based on 20 attendees, which is the optimal size for the workshop. Up to 24 attendees can be accommodated.

Agenda Format there are two possible agenda formats:

What Internet2 provides (pays for):

What hosting institution provides (pays for):

Equipment Internet2 brings to workshop:

Equipment hosting institution must provide:

Meals and snacks:

Typically, for a workshop following the noon-to-noon format, the hosting institution provides the following meals:

The hosting institution is responsible for snack/lunch arrangements and costs.
Vegetarian options are recommended.


Internet2 handles the registration. Special host registration arrangements can be made upon request.

Early Registration

Since the hosting institution provides considerable resources for the workshop, they have the option of offering early registration for the workshop to affiliated institutions (connected institutions in the case of gigapops or affiliated campuses in the case of universities, for example).

Registration fee

The registration fee is $450 per attendee for Internet2 Members and $650 for non-members. Of this attendee fee, 80% goes to Internet2 and the remaining 20% goes to the hosting institution.

Pre-announcement Planning

Information Required to Start Workshop Planning

After reviewing logistics and physical/network requirements, please email Elaine Lauerman <> with a list of dates you can host a workshop. IPv6 workshop equipment and presenter availability will be polled for the suggested workshop dates.

Information Needed for Internet2 Announcement

Other Information Required

Posting of workshop logistics

Internet2 can post workshop logistics information on the Internet2 web site or post a link to the hosting institution's web page for workshop logistics. If the hosting institution chooses to host the workshop announcement and logistics page, they must also prominently post logos of corporate sponsors and acknowledgements on the main announcement page.

Location Requirements

Classroom/meeting room layout

The attendees will work in groups of five. Each group will be responsible for configuring and testing a "Pod" of five routers. Since attendees will work in four groups, tables should be arranged so there are four areas to allow the five group members to work together. There needs to be sufficient workspace for each attendee to access their personal laptop computer and class notes. The 21 lab routers are located off-site, and are accessible via a switch provided to each pod, or through the host’s wireless Internet service.

Power requirements

Dissipation values are based upon maximum power ratings for each device.

Device Quantity

Dissipation (watts)

Total Dissipation

Cisco 3560 Router
Ethernet Switch
Projection Unit
Total Room Power    


Data Communications Requirement

Network bandwidth requirements

Wireless Connectivity

The hosting institution must provide wireless IEEE 802.11b connectivity for attendees. Attendees are expected to provide their own wireless networking adapters.