This site has been archived for historical reference.
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Trac Projects
The following Trac projects are hosted on this site. These projects are designed to assist with the organization of network events, such as workshops, meetings, tutorials, conferences, etc.

Workshop Resource Centre   You are welcome to create an account in the Workshop Resource Centre Trac project, play with the ticketing sytstem, view the Wiki component, etc. to get a feel for how Trac works. You will need to request a Trac account by sending an email to with a username and password (don't use a password you use for other accounts) and some reference to who you are. We apologize for this inconvenience, but the sample Trac environment has been repeatedly defaced by spammers.

If you would like more information on Trac the project's home page is

AfNOG 2008 Meeting   Used to help plan and organize the 2008 African Network Operator's Workshop and Meeting that took place in Rabat, Morocco during May and June of 2008.
ISOC ccTLD Workshops   Used to help plan and organize ISOC ccTLD Workshops.
AfNOG Network Monitoring Tutorial   Used as an example Trac project for the AfNOG 2008 Network Monitoring and Management tutorial held in Rabat, Morocco during May 2008.