CEDIA Workshop Checklist

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For our purposes enough power for:

Verify the room where the workshop is to take place can handle this load.



For students

For instructors For Server Sound System

A sound system can save on an instructor's voice considerably and make listening to a full day of lectures and discussion much easier.

Projectors and Whiteboards Gaffer Tape and Cable Ties

A separate item. Do cables need to be secured? Is the workshop room carpeted? If so, Gaffer tape (used in theater productions) works best as it does not damage carpet or flooring upon removal. Standard electrical tape will damage surfaces when removed.

Are there cable ties available to properly lay cabling? Cable ties are invaluable to keep students and instructors from tripping over cabling along the rows of PCs, around entrances, near the server machines, etc.


Are tools available if we need to build cables? Crimpers, knives, cable testers, screw drivers, etc?

Room Layout

For purposes of presenting and teaching hands-on the Instructor station should be positioned at the front of the room. The ability to control and show presentations from an instructor laptop is ideal. A whiteboard, or whiteboards should be available at the front of the room with plenty of markers, possibly differnt colors for use.

Printing and Copies

Handouts can be kept to a minimum and most materials placed on the web for student access after the class to print at their leisure if they so desire.

Hervey Allen
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