Introduction to FreeBSD: pre SANOG VI Workshop: FreeBSD Install

Chapter 2 of the FreeBSD Handbook covers the entire installation process for FreeBSD in much more detail than we'll do here. At this point you should have the FreeBSD Install Disc 1 with you. Now we'll start our install. The steps we take here are to create a fairly minimal install that we'll be updating and adding to during the course of this workshop.

Some Notes

Initial Boot from Install Disc 1 FreeBSD is installed!

At this point, technically speaking, FreeBSD is now installed on your machine. You could reboot your computer and FreeBSD would start. However, before doing this the Sysinstall utility gives you the opportunity to configure several important items. All of these items can be configured by hand, but the Syinstall utility has been designed to make this configuration much easier. So, the next 30, or so, steps are post-FreeBSD-installation items that we are going to take care of. Post Installation

After Initial Reboot

At this point you will be staring at your initial logon screen for FreeBSD 5.3, which should looking something like this:

FreeBSD/i386 ( (ttyv0)


Please move on to the Introduction to FreeBSD exercises that have been handed out for this afternoon.

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