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Fourth PacNOG Meeting, Conference and Educational Workshop

(Pacific Network Operators Group)

Date and Location

June 29-July 5 (Sunday-Saturday), 2008 at The Sebel Vanuatu, Lini Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Hosted by

Telecom Vanuatu


PacNOG4 is a continuation of the Pacific Islands Network Operators and Service Providers meeting and education workshop to discuss key IP Network operational issues and requirements and receive training


If you plan on attending the PacNOG4 meeting please fill in the Online Registration Form at your earliest convenience.

Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. PITA Members get free Registrations (includes APNIC members who are also PITA Members).
  2. APNIC members who are not PITA members receive discount registrations.
  3. Others - registration fee applies. Registration fees apply for some costs recoveries Priorities given to Network Operators from Pacific Islands.


  • To provide a forum and venue for service providers in the Pacific Network community to meet and discuss current issues as well as receive technical training.
  • To build relationships among individual and institutional contacts in the Pacific region. A key outcome of the workshop will be the building of relationships with peers/colleagues in the region and among the instructors.
  • Additional information coming shortly.

Conference Agenda and Workshop Topics

Sunday 29th June

  • 1600-1800: Sebel Hotel Registration, and Briefing for participants

Monday 30th June

  • 0830-0900:
    • Welcome by Telecom Vanuatu & PITA
  • 0900-1030:
    • Social Effects of Rural Networking in Vanuatu   Dan McGarry, Vanuatu Internet Users Society
    • PITA Update: plans and technical training activities   Fred Christopher, PITA
    • Fiji international gateway - developments and issues   Taniela Sikivou, FINTEL
    • Marshall Islands mitigation efforts on recent zone attacks   Michael Sawej, National Telecommunications Authority
  • 1030-1100:
    • Break sponsored by TVL
  • 1100-1230:
    • TLD Management: policy, best practices & registration   Save Vocea, ICANN
    • APNIC service commitment: Now and into the future   Elly Tawhai, APNIC
    • Network Operations Groups around the World   Philip Smith, Cisco
  • 1230-1330:
    • Lunch
  • 1330-1500:
    • Competition and Developments in Communications in Vanuatu   John Crook, Vanuatu Telecoms Regulatory Authority
    • IP Based Transport System   Joseph Wong, Telecom Fiji Ltd
    • IANA IPv4 Registry   Save Vocea, ICANN
    • How to craft the Internet beyond IPv4 and two-byte ASNs   Sunny Chendi, APNIC
  • 1500-1530:
    • Tea Break
  • 1530-1700:
    • Case Study: Open Source Deployment at SOPAC   Sakaio Manoa, ICT Adviser Corporate Services, SOPAC
    • ICANN Update from Paris   Save Vocea, ICANN
    • Deaggregation Report   Philip Smith, Cisco
    • Feedback from PacNOG III: What you learnt and how you applied it at your organisation/workplace   Participant open discussion
  • Evening:
    • Opening Function hosted by Telecom Vanuatu Limited
      • Horizons, The Sebel Vanuatu

Tuesday 1st July

  • 0900-1800: Workshop
    • Track 1: Routing  Philip Smith, Cisco
    • Track 2: Internet Resource Management  Champika Wijayatunga, Elly Tawhai & Cecil Goldstein, APNIC

Wednesday 2nd July

  • 0900-1800: Workshop
    • Track 1: IPv6 Routing  Philip Smith, Cisco
    • Track 2: Host and Network Security Essentials  Champika Wijayatunga & Cecil Goldstein, APNIC

Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th July

  • 0900-1800: Workshop
    • Track 1: BGP Multihoming   Philip Smith, Cisco
    • Track 2: Host and Network Security Essentials  Champika Wijayatunga & Cecil Goldstein, APNIC

Saturday 5th July

  • 0900-1800: Workshop
    • VoIP   Jonny Martin
  • Evening:
    • Closing Function hosted by Telecom Vanuatu Limited
If you would like to give feedback on these topics feel free to post to the mailing list, or email the PITA Training Coordinator at

More Information

For registrations and further information contact the PITA Training Coordinator (, or the PITA Manager (



Network Startup Resource Center Internet Society Cisco Systems, Inc.

University of Oregon Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Asia Pacific Network Information Centre Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association

Walnut Creek/FreeBSD Mall National Science Foundation International Telecommunications Union

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