2.2-AP startup tasks

Get two Access points, Poe injectors, power supplies and at least 3 ethernet cables.

First AP

Configure a network interface on one if your computers to have a network interface where x is your group number.

In the Linux/ubuntu systems this could be done with:

ifconfig eth0:1 192.168.8x/24

Plug power into the first access point (on the nanostation it's the sole ethernet, on the power station it's the one closest to the center).

Plug the lan ethernet jack on the power injector into the PC...

point a web browser at

login with:





select network:

change the ip address of the device to:


where x is the number of your table.

Go to services

enable the snmp agent

configure the snmp community to be training

go to system

Change the current password from ubnt to trainingx where x is your group number

Set the hostname to apx where x is your group number.

go to link setup

Change the wireless mode from station to access point.

Select a channel, either 1 6 or 11

set your ssid to be wsws-x where x is your group number.

Crank the output power down from 26dBm to 5dBm

set the 802.11 mode to g-only

in the advanced tab set the range to .1 miles.

Second AP

Power on the second ap and repeat the selections except the ip address is going to be 192.168.1.x2

the wireless mode should be set to station

and the hostname should be set to stx where x is your group number


once all the settings have been applied move both APs to the back of the room