To facilitate web access for students, we provide some web tools which run under apache.

These tools allow students to access consoles and ssh via the web, without needing the GNS3 admin login, and without even needing an SSH client on their device.


The web server configuration is in its own repository to make it easier to maintain.

You must checkout this repository under /etc/apache2/nsrc-web and run the included setup script as your normal non-root user, e.g. "nsrc":

sudo mkdir -p /etc/apache2
cd /etc/apache2
sudo git clone
cd nsrc-web

This will install and configure all the dependencies.

Your web server will be accessible over HTTP from the LAN-side network ( as the locally-resolvable name with no authentication.


If your training kit has a public IP address on its WAN interface, or is a cloud-based server with no LAN, then see Remote Access for some additional configuration of DNS, certificate and password.

The websetup script generates a random username and password that will be required for remote access, which you can write down, or change later.


Files under /var/www/html/ are served as normal. Other services are available via the following URLs:

The index-XXX.html web pages supplied with each topology contain the links which students will need to use.

In case of problems with the serial console or webssh interfaces, there are alternative implementations using shellinabox:

Instructor tools

There are also some instructor pages: