Each of the different lab topologies is built as a GNS3 project. To load a project, you import the .gns3project file and any related images it needs.

In the GNS3 Client, select File > Import portable project.

Importing disk images

If a project references a disk image which hasn't already been imported, it will fail - the error message will report the name of one of the missing images.

Unfortunately, importing a project does not yet prompt you to upload the image files.

For now, you can upload them directly on the server, by copying the file directly into the /var/lib/GNS3/images/QEMU/ directory. e.g.

cd /var/lib/GNS3/images/QEMU
wget shell.nsrc.org/~vtp/gns3/cndo/ubuntu-16.04-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1-20191002.1.img

Then open the project. If other image files are missing, repeat as required.


You must import the exact version of every image, with the correct md5sum. This is because the snapshots are based on these images, and the images must be block-for-block identical to what was used at the time the project was saved.


It should not be necessary to repeat the import: if there are missing files, the project is imported but cannot be opened.

If you repeat the import, you will end up with multiple projects - e.g. nmm, nmm-1, nmm-2 etc. You can delete the old ones by going to File > Open Project and selecting each of the previous ones and clicking Delete. The final one can be renamed using File > Edit Project