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NSRC's Calendar of Education Outreach and Training (EOT) Activities

Dates Completed Event(s) Location
Jan 14-17: Direct Engineering Assistance at Uganda Christian University, Mbale Campus Mbale, Uganda
Jan 16-24: SANOG 25 Workshops and Tutorials Kandy, Sri Lanka
Jan 21-22: perfSONAR BP Workshop Columbus, Ohio, USA
Feb 4-8: Direct Engineering Assistance Gulu University Gulu, Uganda
Feb 9: BKNIX Official Launch Event Bangkok, Thailand
Feb 10-14: Site visit for DrukREN with DITT and RUB Thimphu, Bhutan
Feb 11: A4AI Meeting Accra, Ghana
Feb 24-Mar 6: APRICOT 2015 Workshops and Tutorials Fukuoka, Japan
Feb 24-Mar 6: APAN 39 Conference Fukuoka, Japan
Mar 1: 6th TEIN4 Project Meeting and 7th TEIN*CC Governors Meeting Fukuoka, Japan
Mar 9-13: UbuntuNet RW Workshop Kigali, Rwanda
Mar 16-27: ICTP IoT Workshop Trieste, Italy
Mar 17-26: IETF 92 Dallas, Texas, USA
Mar 23-27: RENU Campus Network Design Workshop, Makere University Kampala, Uganda
Mar 26-27: IXP Workshop New Caledonia
Mar 28-Apr 1: Direct Engineering Assistance at Makere University Kampala, Uganda
Mar 28-Apr 1: MENOG 15 Workshops and Meeting Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Apr 6-10: AIT DEA Bangkok, Thailand
Apr 7-8: SAFNOG 2 Mbabene, Swaziland
Apr 8-12: PRAGMA 28 Nara, Japan
Apr 20-23: BKNIX BGP Workshop Bangkok, Thailand
Apr 26-29: DNS Operations and Train the Trainer Workshop Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Apr 26-29: Internet2 Global Summit Washington, D.C., USA
Dates Upcoming Event(s) Location
May 3-6: Direct Engineering Assistance at University of Guam Mangilao, Guam
May 4-8: The Rwanda Network Operators Group (RWNOG) 1, Routing and System Admin Workshops Kigali, Rwanda
May 6-8: Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit Manila, Philippines
May 18-22: Direct Engineering Assistance at Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) Galapagos, Ecuador
May 18-23: Bangladesh Network Operators Group 3rd Meeting and Workshops (bdNOG3) Dhaka, Bangladesh
May 19: Bangladesh Network Operators Group Tutorial (bdNOG3) Dhaka, Bangladesh
May 19-20: RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Tbilisi, Georgia
May 21-25: RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Workshops Tbilisi, Georgia
May 24-Jun 5: Africa Internet Summit (AIS) 2015 Workshops, Conference and Tutorials Tunis, Tunisia
Jun 2-6: ESnet-NSRC perfSONAR Engineering Meeting Eugene, Oregon, USA
Jun 15-18: TERENA 2015 Conference and Meeting Porto, Portugal
July 13-17: PacNOG 17 and Samoa IXP Workshops Apia, Samoa
July 14-24: IETF 93 Prague, Czech Republic
July 20-24: Direct Engineering Assistance at Richard Gump Moorea Field Station Moorea, Tahiti
Aug 17-20: Direct Engineering Assistance at The University of the South Pacific, Suva Campus Suva, Fiji
Sep 7-11: Campus Network Design Workshop at RUB to Assist with DrukREN (Bhutan NREN) Launch Thimphu, Bhutan
Sep 14-18: Direct Engineering Assistance for DrukREN (Bhutan NREN) with RUB and DITT Bhutan
Sep 14-18: ccTLD Introduction (DNS, System Admin, Monitoring and Security) Workshop Bujumbura, Burundi
Sep 17-21: RIPE Regional Meeting and Workshops Yerevan, Armenia
Sep 28-Oct 2: WACREN 2015 Meeting and Workshops TBD
Oct 4-7: Internet2 Tech Exchange Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Oct 12-16: TEIN NOC Workshop Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 19-23: LERNET Campus Network Design and Monitoring Workshop Vientiane, Laos
Oct 24-29 (TBD): Direct Engineering Assistance to LERNET / National University of Laos (NUOL) Vientiane, Laos
Nov 16-18: UbuntuNet Train the Trainers Workshop 3 Maputo, Mozambique
Nov 16-20: WALC 2015 Meeting and Conference San Carlos, Costa Rica
Nov 19-20: UbuntuNet-Connect 2015 Maputo, Mozambique
Dec (tbd): PacNOG 18 TBD
2016 Upcoming Event(s) Location
Jan (tbd): SANOG 27 Nepal
Jan 20-23 (tbd): Pre-APAN 41 Routing / BGP / IXP workshop for PREGINET Manila, Philippines
Feb 16-26: APRICOT 2016 Workshops, Tutorial and Conference Auckland, New Zealand