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A core part of what the Network Startup Resource Center does centers around technical training and capacity building. The NSRC emphasizes best current practices in all aspects of training and believes that hands-on, practical experience is invaluable. Often it can be difficult to narrow down the scope of a training when planning. Below we list a sample of the types of training we provide and time required. This page is provided to help our partners to properly plan for upcoming on-site network training workshops and tutorials.

Requirements and Planning to Host a Workshop

In preparation to host a workshop there are a number of items that should be taken care of with anticipation in order for a workshop to be a success and to run smoothly. In order for the NSRC to ticket instructors and move forward we ask that our local partners review this list and let us know if they can follow these guidelines:

  • NSRC and Local Workshop Planning and Requirements: English

Workshop and Tutorial Topics

Research and Education Networks

  • Border network design/routing/BGP with lab (2-3 days): English : Spanish
  • Campus Network Design Principles and NREN models (1 day): English
  • Campus Security Overview (2 days): English
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices for Campus Networks (3 or 4 days)
  • Deploying Multicast in a campus network or NREN (3 days): English
  • Fiber optic cable termination and installation (1-2 days): English
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing/BGP/Internet Exchange Point Design (3 days)
  • Layer 3 (L3) core campus routing/OSPF/ISIS with hands on lab (1 day): English
  • Network monitoring and management detailed program and labs (4-5 days): Outline/Agenda English : French : Spanish
  • Network monitoring and management Tutorial (2 days): English
  • Switching architectures/Layer 2 (L2) campus network design and lab (1 day): English

TCP/IP Systems and Services

  • Authentication practices (Kerberos, 802.1X, Radius, LDAP) (2 days)
  • Scalable IP Services (5 days)
  • Unix/Linux system administration/IP fundamentals/Security (5 days): English

Wireless Networking

  • Design/Integration of wireless services into the campus LAN (5 days): English
  • Wireless Systems Tutorial (2 days)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (5 days)

ccTLD Registry Operations and DNS

  • Advanced Registry Operations Course (5 days): English
  • DNSSEC tutorial (1 or 2 days): English
  • IROC (5 days): English
  • Robust and Reliable DNS Operations/DNSSEC Deployment (5 days): English

Workshop Resources

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