Workshop Agenda

Dates: January 11-15, 2011 (Tuesday-Saturday)

NSRC Instructor Team

BCBrian Candler UK
CVCarlos Vicente USA
HAHervey Allen Chile/USA

Time Schedule

Session I 0900-1045
Break 1045-1100
Session II 1100-1245
Lunch 1245-1345
Session III 1345-1515
Break 1515-1530
Session IV 1530-1715


Tuesday Topic Presentations Exercises References
Session I Introduction and Research Education Networks CVPDF
Campus Network Design PDF
Session II Layer 2 Network Design CVPDF
Cisco/HP Configuration Elements (Lab) PDF
NSRC Remote Lab Access Instructions (Lab) text
Session III Layer 2 Lab PDF
Session IV Layer 2 Lab continued
Session I Core Network Design CVPDF
Session II Introduction to OSPF CVPDF
Introduction to IPv6 Addressing CVPDF
Session III Layer 3 Lab CV PDF
Session IV Layer 3 Lab continued CV
Thursday Security
Session I Security Brainstorming [10 minutes] BC/HA
Intro to Classroom Infrastructure & Linux BCPDF joe editor keys
Introduction to Cryptography BCPDF
SSH Public Key Lab BC text
Session II Introduction to Kerberos BCPDF ex1
Session III Kerberos and authorization BCPDF ex2
Session IV Kerberos KDC and LDAP BCPDF Lab: ex3 : ex4diff (ldap/sasl) : Lab Setup
Cookbook of Security Tools HAPDF
Friday Network Monitoring and Management
Session I Network Monitoring and Management Overview HAPDF
Network Performance Definitions HAPDF text
Session II Introduction to SNMP BCSNMP-PDF Config-PDF text MIBS
Session III Nagios HAPDF text Nagios
Session IV Cacti HAPDF Extra: PDF Cacti : RRDtool
Smokeping HAPDF text Smokeping
Session I Ticketing Systems (RT) HAPDF PDF Request Tracker
Session II Network Documentation (Netdot) CV Demo Netdot
Session III Netflow HAPDF text
Session IV Revision Control/RANCID BCPDF ex1 | ex2
Workshop Evaluation MS Word : OpenOffice
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